First Week Finished!

Hello friends!

Well, my first week in Maine is almost coming to an end! That’s so crazy to think that I’ve been out of Wisconsin for a week.

After my first exciting day at MMoME, I was looking forward to seeing what other things I would get to experience. Once again, I was not disappointed!

Thursday, one of the other interns and I were asked to drive the 2 harbor seals we had to MA to meet up with someone from Mystic Aquarium, which is where they will finish their rehab time. Because MMoME is only partially a rehab center; we only keep the seals for up to 4 days or until they are able to make a long trip to a long term facility. So we drove the response truck all the way into MA (just outside of Boston) to hand off our seals. It was a strange experience, I felt like I was doing illegal activity of some sort. (I promise everything was legal, safe and ethically right.)

Even though it was hard to say goodbye to the pups, it felt great knowing they were going to a wonderful facility where they will be released as soon as they make a full recovery. I hope that sometime this summer we can tour the facility and even help with their release!

On Friday we received a new pup, a small female who had been abandoned by her mother. If you don’t like sad stories, skip the rest of this paragraph. So she had been abandoned (which is fairly common) and was very dehydrated because she had been crying for at least 4 days for her mother. This is common for seal pups to do, which is why they need organizations like MMoME to intervene. She had also been pecked at by a bird (probably a seagull) and had a very infected wound on her shoulder. She is in very rough condition.

But happy things, she is very feisty which is a great sign, and she was readily taking in fluids and is well-hydrated. So she is expected to make a full recovery!

We tubed her some electrolytes on the first day only. We only do electrolytes at first and not full formula (which would be similar to their mother’s milk) for a few reasons. But the main reason is that we want to make sure they will be able to keep fluids down, so to start with full strength formula would be too rich on the stomach, especially if they have not had food in a while.

The rest of the day was dedicated to cleaning and doing some data filing of the pups that we had just given to Mystic. Not too exciting to some, but I enjoyed every minute of it.

Also, I did find some time to do other fun things, I dropped my friend (who drove with me from Wisconsin off at the Portland airport (which is called the Portland International Jetport, which is much more fun to say than airport!) but before then we explored downtown Portland a bit. There are some awesome places for food, including their famous floating restaurant. We ultimately decided not to go there, but we did want to try some seafood, so we went to another seafood joint right next to the water. I tried lobster for the first time! I am such a fan. I didn’t get a full lobster in case I didn’t like it, so I went with the lobster mac and cheese. It. Was. So. Good.

I think I will like it here a lot. I’m already in love with everything that I do and this is such a beautiful area! Cheers to the rest of the summer, I hope it continues to be this exciting and a grand adventure!

Until next time-



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