To the East Coast I Go!

Hi Friends,

Once again, I completely suck at this blogging thing. I really wish I had a good excuse other than just forgetting or being too lazy to write about my days. I didn’t even finish my blog posts about Germany and Italy! I’m sure no one was too upset about this because I only have 4 followers 😛 So I really just blog to hear myself apparently.

But, I’ll re-write my Germany and Italy blogs at some point, (maybe? Probably not.).

However, I will be blogging more this summer and here’s why:

I’m interning with the non-profit organization The Marine Mammals of Maine this summer! I’m so excited, I cannot contain myself! I never thought that I would ever get to do something like this. Who knew that a girl from Wisconsin could get an opportunity like this?!

After weeks of contemplating this opportunity because of finances and reality, I decided that it was a great opportunity and that I couldn’t possibly pass it up.

So on Sunday, I packed my stuff up from my apartment (honestly, I left most of it for my boyfriend to deal with, I’m a terrible person…) and I started a 20 hour drive to Maine. Luckily one of my good friends also came with to help with the drive and such, which was extremely helpful!

Our first stop to break up the drive was in Niagara Falls. I’ve been there before, about 6 years ago, but I don’t think I actually appreciated it as much as I did this time. It was a great start to my summer! Pictures will follow this blurb!

I’m going to skip ahead to actually starting the internship yesterday, because the rest is pretty boring. So yesterday I drove to the building that MMoME houses the seals in for rehab (up to 4 days), their triage center. I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect on my first day, but I was not disappointed!

They threw me right in, which was awesome. On my first day I was already handling the seal we had in and helping to feed him (which is done through tubing.) I even gave the seal a bath! I was in heaven! I, Desiree, gave a SEAL a BATH. I don’t think I can comprehend that. I know some of you are probably thinking “so what? What’s the big deal?” But for anyone who knows me, I am OBSESSED with marine mammals. Especially seals, I think they are the cutest sea mammal in the world and all I’ve ever wanted to do was save the seals.

I am so beyond excited to share my blog with you this summer, I promise to actually update this one (mostly because I’m gaining credit by doing this… and because I want to!)

Until next time-



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