Things to Remind Yourself Daily

Sometimes in the moment of a day, all we can remember is the worst parts of it. Instead, we should strive to remember the best parts or rather, the little things we often forget. Here’s a list of things I think we all need to remember and do more often to be a happier person.

1.) You made it another day. Whether the day was in your favor or not, you still made it and, as morbid as this sounds, some didn’t make it. So enjoy the day you had even if it was rough, because it was a day lived.

2.) Someone cares for you. Whether a significant other, your family, your friends, even a teacher, perhaps some spuritual being(s); someone cares about your well being, and that is wonderful. It’s more than just one person, it may be all the above, but at least one person is looking out for you.

3.) A smile goes a long way. Some days just suck. We’ve all been there. But a smile is contagious most of the time. If someone is down and you crack a joke, they’ll smile or at least for a little bit. And that makes their day a little better. Even for just a few seconds. Sometimes smiling at a stranger makes a difference. So make an effort to smile more. It looks good on you anyways.

4.) Once in a while, you don’t always have to, but just a few times, pay it forward. Pay for someone’s meal. Leave a bigger tip. Volunteer at a shelter. Do something to help, even just a little. If there’s one thing that’s for certain, eventually the favor will be returned. But the best part is helping others because that can make all the difference.

5.) Count to 10 before saying something in a heated argument. We often blurt out things that we don’t mean when we’re in the heat of the fight. So do yourself a favor and think before you speak. I know that’s cliché but it could be a way to save yourself and others from more pain. So stop, count to 10, thing about what’s going on, breathe deeply, then say what you mean calmly and collectively. Still have your opinion and speak your mind, but do so in a refined and calmed manner.

6.) Put away some money. Money is tight for a lot of people. Especially college students and recent graduates. My suggestion is to put away a little money from every paycheck. Either in a bank account you don’t use often, or somewhere in your home. I like to put like $5 or $10 in a book or something I don’t use often, then when I’m looking around or open that book I find money I forgot I had. It can make a tough day turn around pretty fast when you find cash you didn’t remember having. But even more so, you can start building up a cash pile for a dream trip or something fun that you’ve always wanted. Every dollar adds up over time.

7.) Step back and take a breather. Yes. Even when you’re so busy you don’t think you’ll have time to sleep and eat, let alone relax for 10 minutes. But it’s important to your mental and physical health to take a step back and just relax in a busy life. Don’t over exert yourself too often or you’ll never feel well or rested. So take a moment to read a chapter in that book you started 2 months ago, go for a run, do some yoga, watch an episode of your favorite TV show. Whatever it is you want to do, make time for it. Don’t forget to take care of yourself as well as your busy work.

8.) Remember that everyone fails. This is a hard one for me to grasp. But we often forget that no one is perfect. We are too busy comparing ourselves to everyone that we forget that everyone is different. Therefore we learn or go at different paces. Whether it’s school, work, fitness, art, whatever it is you’re struggling with, keep going. You’ll get there eventually. It might take you longer than others but eventually you’ll get the hang of it. My favorite quote is “you can’t learn to fly without first taking a leap.” Sometimes we stumble and fall before that leap, but eventually we can soar ♡


That’s all I’ve got for tonight. Maybe more to come?

Until next time-



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