Why I Hate Valentine’s Day… But also Love it.

First things first, I don’t HATE Valentine’s Day. I just dislike what it’s become about.

No, I’m not a single girl who’s had a bad experience with guys on this holiday. Actually, it’s quite the opposite. I’ve had my fair share of great Valentine’s Days, especially the last two years I’ve had with my boyfriend. But what I dislike so much about it is the materialistic view we have about it. The holiday was meant to be celebrating love, happiness, and being together with a significant other.

Although the story of the origin of Valentine’s Day is unclear, there are many speculations as to how the day came to be. Reason 1: Valentine’s Day is about love was because Saint Valentine (a priest) supposedly married young men to their loves when it was outlawed in third century Rome. Therefore he was marrying in the name of love and the holiday of love was named after him. Reason 2: The French and English people thought that February 14th was the start of mating season for birds, therefore a day of love.


There are many more reasons or speculations as to why the day came to be about, but that can be for you to look up.

Anyways, so I don’t hate today. I just disapprove of the meaning people seem to think is behind it. It’s become about materialistic gifts over the celebration of love. It’s about “my boyfriend gave me a teddy bear that’s bigger than me!” or “my significant other bought me a diamond necklace to show how much he loves me!” or, “my significant other is the best because he got me flowers and chocolates and took me to a really fancy dinner.”

Okay, that’s great! I’m so glad you need to post all over social media about how much your boyfriend or girlfriend or spouse loves you. No really, I am happy for you. But why does it just need to be today? Why is it, that we need a holiday to treat our significant others to a day of pampering or treat them to a fancy meal? My favorite Instagram photos or Facebook photos are those that are random gifts from significant others throughout the year, not just today. When people post “I love this person more than anything, and I wouldn’t trade them for the world.” or “I came home to a clean house, a candle lit dinner and my favorite flowers on the table simply because it’s a day.” the little things, these are the posts that make me happy. Because I love seeing others being treated well and being happy together, I really do! I’m not a cynical person. But these make my day because the couples don’t need a special day to buy their loves expensive gifts, or post on social media how much they love each other.

But okay, it’s not even these types of things that get to me. It’s when others complain about it. It’s when I hear people talking about how they wish their significant other would have spend more on them or how all they got was a “lousy homemade dinner.” I’m sorry, but what? What makes you think that the amount of money that’s spent on you is how much your relationship means? That’s the complete opposite of what the holiday stands for. Also, don’t make Valentine’s Day the only day you love someone unconditionally. You should constantly be surprising each other and making each other feel like the most handsome, beautiful, amazing, loved person they deserve to feel like.


I believe Valentine’s Day is a day to celebrate love and everything it stands for. So go ahead, buy that diamond ring your significant other was looking at, buy that huge teddy bear and a dozen roses, but don’t let that be the only way you show love and affection. And don’t be upset that they didn’t spend much or anything at all on you today, because that’s not what love is. Love your partner unconditionally, every day you’re together. Never stop making them feel like they did when you first started dating.

Until next time,



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