Today I Challenge You to Use Compassion


“Sympathetic pity and concern for the sufferings or misfortunes of others.”

Compassion. How would you describe it?

To me, compassion is much more than this definition. To me, it stands for love, kindness, empathy, care, respect, and so much more. Compassion leads to these emotions and feelings. And today, my friends, I want to talk about compassion for the world we live in.


The first thing we see when we turn on the news… “so and so shot,” “police brutality,” “scandal hits important celebrity or government official,” “hate crimes,” “war,” etc.. We live in a time where this is the norm and people just accept it. But then there are those who are trying to change it and maybe, just maybe let their feelings and opinions out in the wrong manner.

Sometimes I think we forget that when we are trying to change things for a cause we are passionate about, that sometimes there are going to be people who don’t agree with your cause. This causes a little speedbump in your path to success, you get upset that someone is disagreeing and being so blind to the situation, you rebuttal, they rebuttal, and then you snap… and when you snap you, yourself, forget that you were fighting for your cause. All of a sudden it’s more about who’s right and who’s wrong instead of fighting for a belief. We forget that the word “passion” is simply “compassion” with a few extra letters. Sometimes, we put our passions behind and our emotions in front and then we just lose all sense of control.

I myself have done this, as everyone at some point in their life has, or will do. It’s just part of the human race, but I also think there’s a way to stop it as well.

I believe that if we start fighting for our passions with compassion, then we won’t be losing our dignity or offending others as often as we do. The definition of compassion is pity and sympathy, but this isn’t what I mean when I say we should be using compassion. We should be loving, caring, respectful, and empathetic. Taking into account what it is we stand for, but not shooting others down. To respect other beliefs and believing in the good of others while standing firm (I say firm, not harsh) with your own belief. It is possible to disagree in a manner that won’t come out as a threat or like you’re putting someone else down. If people would start using free will and opinions for compassion rather than fighting, then there wouldn’t be such negative headlines in the news.

I know there’s no possible way to avoid disagreements. There will always be someone who doesn’t agree, but that’s the power of free will and opinions.

But that’s where my request comes in. Not everyone is going to stop and think before they get upset and send a crude comment, or defend their belief by being rude, but I ask that if you find yourself about to send a comment like so, that you stop and think. Think about what you’re saying and if it’s making you sound educated and refined, or if it’s going to make you sound like a bigot and a jerk. I ask that you think of re-wording and throwing in compassion. I ask that you take into account the other person’s views and as they always say “walk in someone else’s shoes to know how they truly feel.” I just ask that you make your opinions clear but in a compassionate way.

If we start fighting for our passions with compassion, there wouldn’t be a need to use the word “fighting” but rather “advocating” or “educating” the public about this cause that you’re super passionate about and want to see changed.

I saw a quote once that read as follows:

“What the world needs now is more compassion and less judgement; more ‘I understand,’ and less ‘shame on you.’ Then the healing of humanity will be more common than suffering.” (quote by Lisa Prosen)

All it takes are a few people to start a movement. I want to start this one. Will you join me? 🙂 I challenge you to use compassion!


Until next time…



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